Where PR meet Business

Tragara PR achieves projects to maximizing visibility and brand awareness. Creating trends is our added value, what has identified us for 25 years because we know how to identify the strategic axis that intersects the pillars of communication.

Look at the present with the vision of the future. Knowing what the client wants and translating it into what the media world needs. Get to the consumer with dynamic messages. Creating strategies and translating them into communication.


Cristina Rossi

CEO & founder of Tragara PR, nationally known for her core business: the communication strategy for the management of the press office and special and creative PR strategies to extend the visibility and reputation of the managed brands.

A charismatic woman that, thanks to her 20 years old expertise in PR, developed precious and powerful languages that allowed to build strong relationships with the italian top magazines and journalists.

The ability and the experience of coordination alongside international brands and major events, the passion for press office and communication projects are strengthened together with the team who she's supported by, a working group that operationally interprets the desired strategic and allows her to always support the client as first.